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For House Representative District 50

I’m a Democrat running to serve as your next State Representative from District 50. I want to serve as your next State Representative because I feel it’s time that we had a true voice in Santa Fe. As a mother, farmer, and school board member I know the challenges we face as a community. As your State Representative I will turn your concerns into action in Santa Fe and I promise to remember the words of my grandfather

“Remember who you work for if you ever get elected to public office.”

– Governor Bruce King.

Thank you. I appreciate your support and your vote.


A Vision for the Future

Through my family background, I understand how important it is to serve my community. The people of my community deserve a true voice in Santa Fe and I know I can be that voice. Building a better future for our community and our children will always be a priority for me.


Actionable issues

As your State Representative, I am committed to the resolution of several issues. There are several things our community needs and I hold a few of those in very high regard. Below are some of the issues I hope to address immediately. With your help, we can make our community better!

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Thank you for your support. Together we can make a change for the better in our community. Your help means a lot and it is always greatly appreciated!


New Mexico recently released the New Mexico Standards Based Transition Assessment of Math and English Language Arts (TAMELA). The assessment reveled that math proficiency has decreased while language arts saw a 1% increase. Overall in all these areas we have seen only net gains of 2% overall. We must do better. Our state needs voices like yours in Santa Fe, families who are working with our school districts to develop curriculum that helps our students meet the challenges of the next decade.

We as parents must have a voice within our children’s education and become active participants in their overall development. I joined my fellow board members in supporting the Martinez Yazzie lawsuit.

When Santa Fe was slow to solutions, we reached out across the state to bring forth a lawsuit that would provide real direction for education in New Mexico.

As your State Representative I will work with you, the governor, and the legislature to implement realistic changes to our educational system by providing teachers with a salary that is reflective of their commitment to their profession, to a curriculum that is inclusive to all our students no matter where they grow up and gives them the opportunity to get to where they are going, and creating an environment where parents are always valued throughout their children’s education.


New Mexico has been blessed this last year with a booming economy. Last year over $1 Billion dollars in new revenue landed in the New Mexico’s coffers. When these increases happen, every New Mexican should have the opportunity to prosper from these revenues. I was surprised during this last legislative
session there wasn’t a tax incentive for our working families.

While New Mexico is struggling and our families are trying to make ends meet at $10 or $12 an hour, we continue to bicker about how we can improve individuals lives. If I am elected to the NM Legislature in 2021, I will sponsor legislation that mandates that our working families who are making less than the minimum wage receive the “New Mexico Prospers Tax Credit”.

The tax credit will target working families who need just a little assistance in their lives. My tax credit will put dollars back in the pockets of everyday New Mexicans who are working and need just a little extra boost to make it through the year.

Furthermore, I will expand the
tax credits for families who are trying to build their home on family property. Too many of our families have left the state because of lack of economic incentives for them to stay here, simple things like owning a home next to their family and friends.


Addiction has been rampant throughout our communities. We have seen firsthand the effects of the opioid crisis right here in District 50.

We need to provide better access to medical treatment in our own communities. We need to provide better tax incentives too therapists and physicians to practice in our small communities.

As your State Representative I will work with the Governor to create mobile clinics where people can be assessed and treated in the comfort of their own homes. New Mexico State University has developed some great programs dealing with rural health care outreach and we must continue to fund those initiatives.

Rebecca King Spindle

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